Pecha Kuchas

Pecha Kucha Schedule
Thursday 23 November
10:30am - 12:00pm
StreamPresenter(s)Abstract TitleLocation
A1Anne PowerCreating music, demonstrating relational learning and the affective component in teaching Case Room 1 - OGGB
Mei Foong AngSinging for Health: Therapeutic Singing for Special Needs Community.
Ross Schlemmer(Re)claim, (re)tell, and (re)site: (Re)imagining communities through artistic interventions
Laura Haughey‘At The End Of My Hands’: Creating a culture of Deaf/hearing theatre ensemble work in New Zealand by building partnerships across communities
Leon de Bruin & Jane Southcott“Friday night is band night”: The Bellini Banda community in Melbourne
A2Tone Pernille Østern & Alex Strømme200 Billion and 1 - Deep Learning as Transdisciplinary Distributed PracticeCase Room 2 - OGGB
Vyvienne Abla4Elements Music Project (4EMP)
Naomi Faik-SimetPedagogy and the Teaching of the Traditional Taibubu Dance in a Papua New Guinea School: A Dance Workshop Experience
Robin MatthewsAcoustic, respiratory, cognitive and wellbeing comparisons of two groups of people with Parkinson’s disease receiving voice and choral singing group therapy or music appreciation activity
A3Briana NannenAll together now: Exploring musical self-perception through informal group music making experiencesCase Room 3 - OGGB
Amber CarpenterApplying Interdisciplinary “Transfers of Learning” in Vocal Pedagogy
Ching-yi LanArt Learning Course and Management. The application of the collection of works as an example
Louise GodwinMusical dialogue in the third space: Improvisation and playing by ear
Anna-Lena ØsternArtists’ personal professional knowledge landscapes
Story constellations of untamed stories about emerging creative processes among ten artists
A4Darlene St. Georges & Anita SinnerArts Research and The Intimacy of Creation-Research in Doctoral ScholarshipCase Room 4 - OGGB
Brittany Harker MartinArts-based practices as a healing and empowerment tool for recovery from post-traumatic events: A scoping review of the literature
Susanna MesiäBreaking Down Silos Through a Community of Networked Expertise Among Nordic Vocal Teachers in Tertiary Education
Karishma Kelsey & Andrew ZaliwskiBringing the Art to Applied Business Education
Jo DeanBuilding a community of learners through a mosaic art installation
A5Bronya DeanThe power of singing: Agency in the spontaneous singing of three-and four-year-old children at homeSeminar Room 040B -OGGB
Sue GirakChanging the Conversation: Tentative Steps towards Pedagogical Change in Visual Arts Education
Graham SattlerCommunity connections: Tailoring music pedagogy approaches to marginalized environments and cohort needs
Katsuhiro NakanowatariCommunity Music Activity and its Future in an Aging Society
1:00pm - 2:30pm
StreamPresenter(s)Abstract TitleLocation
B1Sue CheesmanCreative power sharing in which a dance learning community build values togetherCase Room 1 - OGGB
Kathryn ColemanDear You, A letter to the new self: Artist Teacher
James WoglomCulturally Responsive Arts-Based Service Learning,
Assessed Materially: A Pilot
Liisa JaakonahoDancing with the Other: Towards the ethics of encountering difference
through inclusive dance pedagogy
Stephen MatthewsDeepening an Understanding of Self and Community: The Composition of Original Song and Waiata
B2Phil MullenDo, review, improve: a framework for quality in music - making with children and young people in challenging circumstancesCase Room 2 - OGGB
Ajay CastelinoEmpowering Families of Children With Special Needs
Kristie MortimerEncountering dance and immigration: An exploration of the ways dance teachers in Blenheim are responding to the immigration of youth
Christine D'OnofrioStudents as Emerging Artists in Society
Marnee WatkinsEncounters in liminal spaces: A ‘Child+Adult Art Response Project’
B3Abbey MacDonaldThe Relational Art Inquiry Tool: Expanding the possibilities of and for a/r/tographic researchCase Room 3 - OGGB
Sonia York-PryceEngaging with ageing – valuing the older experienced dancer
Rita Irwin & Natalie LeBlancEngaging with Communities through Artists-in-Residence
Helmi VentEngaging with Communities through Performative Interventions in Public Spaces
Peter GouzouasisLongitudinal associations between school music participation and academic achievement
B4Ana Lucia Frega & Ramiro LimongiExploratory Study of attention and Aesthetic responses to Music and Dance applying the Continuous Response Digital InterfaceCase Room 4 - OGGB
Sheila WoodwardExploring Social Justice in Popular Music Education
Matthew BreadenFigurenotes: Facilitating Musical Engagement for Children with ASD
Kristi OliverFostering Creativity, Collaboration, and Community: The Art All-State Model
Peter CookFrom experience to exhibition: Understanding young children’s thoughts through the choreographic presence
B5Alba VieiraDancing and performing with the Krahos in BrazilSeminar Room 040B - OGGB
Anthony GampellParticipatory learning: from development work to classroom teaching
Fraser Smith & Josie ThomsonIntegrating The Arts at Oturu School
Chieko MibuHuman Resource Development of the Intermediary for Community Music: A case study of the five year project in Hiroshima
Geraldine Burke, Clare Hall & Jun HuIntergenerational communities engaging through art education in China
Friday 24 November
1:30pm - 3:00pm
StreamPresenter(s)Abstract TitleLocation
C1Robert BrownArtful InquiryCase Room 1 - OGGB
John HomNew Culture Rising
Heidi PowellCultural Memory: Finding The Resonance Bridge Through Art Immersion Experiences
Susan WrightHow the Environment Promotes Communities of Praxis, Creativity and Lifewide Learning: The Curation of studioFive
Briana NannenGender Practices in Music Education: Investigating Current Trends
C2Rita Irwin & Natalie LeBlancA Cosmopolitan Imagination: Reimagining National Identity through Art Case Room 2 - OGGB
David LinesPedagogy of improvisation: a musical and improvisatory notion of teaching and learning
Megan AbajianPeer Mentors: Community Through the Ranks
Gillian HowellPower and agency in a Timorese community music school
Faith FosterProgramming for Community Ensembles: Education in Disguise
C3Pauline HirotiRediscovering and moving through the layers of my whakapapaCase Room 3 - OGGB
Tuula JääskeläinenResearching students’ workloads – a vital element in the pursuit of a more holistic approach to equality and equity in higher music education
Dai-Rong WuParticipatory Art as A-R-T pedagogy
Hyun-Min LeeSocial Values and Role of Art Education for Global Citizenship Education
Nicholas RoweSALAM: Transferable studio pedagogies
C4Kathryn ColemanLurking and learning in the digital: Art Education and Digital Portfolios for Creativity and Identity DevelopmentCase Room 4 - OGGB
Claire Coleman & Gaenor StoateSmall Acts: Global Reach
Dawn CarpenterSocial Action Through Music - Expectation vs. Reality
Christopher JohnsonHow Teacher Training in Critical Thinking Instruction Expands Student Horizons throughout the Arts Curriculum
Peter GouzouasisFormative assessment for the elementary school music classroom: Autoethnography as a methodological foundation for learning stories & pedagogical documentation
C5Rose MartinTalking Dance: Sharing stories as a way to understand the world around usSeminar Room 040B -OGGB
Dawn Joseph & Robyn TrinickTasman Connections through Song: Engaging in Classrooms and in Community
Fiona KingTeaching for creativity in primary schools
Mari ShiobaraThe Effect of Community Music Experiences on Music Teacher Education
Jun Hu Enhancing Social Ability of ASD Sufferers through Relational Art
Flávia Marques & Alba VieiraThe invisible spectator: reflections on the formation of audience for dance in Brazil
Saturday 25 November
11:40am - 1:00pm
StreamPresenter(s)Abstract TitleLocation
D1Christian MauVolunteer powered: Northwest Folklife as a major community-owned festivalCase Room 1 - OGGB
Patrice O'BrienYouDance: Building a sense of community
Daniel BarneySlow and Silent Pedagogies
Yaping WangBeautiful, Elegant and Excellent - The Three Goals of Children's Dancing Education
Dan Baron CohenPerforming transformation in the Community University of the Rivers, in the Amazon
D2Emily WilsonCommunity music practices in the school classroom: Exploring immersion, inclusion and the teacher-as-facilitatorCase Room 2 - OGGB
Jane LutonConnecting and creating: Building community through school productions
Leonie HolmesMeditations on the Muse: Can creativity be taught?
Amber WallsCreating spaces for youth belonging: stories from the field
D3Rosemary Bennett & Karen Jaundrill-ScottIntersecting dance dialoguesCase Room 3 - OGGB
Joseph GonzalesKeeping Tradition at the Centre of Innovation
Susan ChapmanMaristely’s Story: a collaboration between visual art and media arts through Arts Immersion
Stephanie BurridgeBuilding a Community of Practice through Academically-induced Interdisciplinarity
D4Robin PascoeEngaging Communities through dramaCase Room 4 - OGGB
Rebecca Chan & Pete MoserThe successes and failure of a decade of Hong Kong - British collaboration between Centre for Community Cultural Development (HK) and More Music (UK)
Alys LongleyThinking Oceans: Engaging communities through interdisciplinary, participatory public art
Wendy RichardsThis is what we do on Saturday: the Value of exclusivity!
Felicity MolloyLearning context: Student's clinical placement and transformative practice

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